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Updates from the Chair

Department of Microbiology and Immunology " RIP Pizza Talk"

Presenter #1 
Eun Young Yu, PhD
Assistant Research Professor in Microbiology & Immunology (Dr. Neal Lue's Lab)
Title: "Study of ALT telomere maintenance pathway in Ustilago maydis: basic mechanisms and clinical implications"

Presenter #2
Laura Kirkman, M.D...

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Conversations On Tap

Happy Hour and a Chance to Mingle
with Students from
Weill Cornell Medical College

Co-Sponsored by the WCMC Alumni Association
Board of Directors, MSEC, Griffis Faculty Club,
and the

Departments of Microbiology,
Pharmacology, Physiology,
and Biophysics...

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Tri-I Bacterial Club

Belfer Research Building BB 302-B/C (413 E 69th St)
5-6 PM

Mark Pellegrino (Cole Haynes Lab)
Antagonism of the UPRmt during pathogen infection

Jerry Zhang (Howard Hang Lab)
Fatty acid control of Salmonella virulence

Contact: glickmam@mskcc.orgdarst@mail...

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Contact Information

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